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Documentum Monitoring – platform logs’ centralization using Logfaces – Part 2

In a previous post, I presented the very big lines of a proposal for a simple but yet (hopefully) powerful centralization of logs on a Documentum platform I’ve been now using for more than one year. If you haven’t read this first port, I’d recommend reading it.

This second part aims at giving you a practical preview – a taste – of the solution in short time. In short, the aim is to have your Documentum environment instrumented and real-time monitored in 30 minutes! Continue reading

A tool to export Documentum (custom) object model as a graph

One of Documentum’s strengths is its strong object orientation and the possibility to define custom object types (the so-called doctypes) which inherit both attributes and behaviors from their ancestor type.

There are many cases when exporting a portion or the complete types’ hierarchy of a given repository in a readable format is really useful: Continue reading